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Welcome friends, all of you are welcome once again in Hit The Second Case Full Movie Download Filmyzilla Mp4moviez, today we are going to talk about the Hit The Second Case Hindi Dubbed Movie, released in theaters this week.

Talking about the film, the film is based on crime investigation like last time where it comes with a run time of 2 hours. If I can tell my opinion in one line, Hit The Second Case becomes a good movie to watch

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Hit 2 full movie Hindi Dubbed Update

After the success of hit 1 movie, North Indian people were waiting for hit 2 movie to release in Hindi, now there is good news for them.

According to the sources it has been learned that Hit 2 full movie is going to release on 30 Desember 2022 in Hindi dubbed language in thethers. 

Hit The Second Case Story:

The story of the film begins with the brutal murder of a young woman in the city of Vizag. SP Krishna Dev (Adivi Shesh) comes forward to investigate this murder. He investigates the case and arrests the person behind the murder. But in a tragic turn of events, SP Krishna Dev learns that the killer is someone else. Who is this killer? And why does he focus only on the simplest of women? To understand the answers, you have to watch the movie.

Hit The Second Case Movie Hindi Review

Plus Points:

Sailesh Kolanu has directed this second part and narrated it in an entertaining manner. If Vishwak Sen's hit offering turns out to be a find, this component has more emotions, drama and apt thrills.

Adivi Sesh has now become the king of thrillers and can do no wrong now. The way he chooses subjects on this genre is remarkable and HIT 2 gives him ample opportunities to showcase his heroics and demeanor. Be it his looks, body language and being an emotional expert in the climax, Sesh has given a killer performance in this one.

Meenakshi Chowdhary looks stunning in her role and helps Shesh. The chemistry of the lead pair is solid. Rao Ramesh is properly tired as a cop.

The first half of the film is a bit slow, the film takes time. First half was quite predictable. The characters fail to connect with us.

  The story of the film is simple. The motive of the killer inside the film is the same as we have seen in many films. Investigation is also simple. But you will get what people want in a thriller film.

All the action happens in the second half of the film. You will get to see some great thrilling movement in the second half. Which is successful in providing thrill and tension. That's why we get satisfaction by the time the feeling ends. The thrill, the combat factor and the way the killer is traced is quite apt. The film is beautiful and director Shailesh tells in such a way that there is no stupid moment in both the parts.

However, in the climax, the angle that is going to happen in the third part has been revealed, and many people would have enjoyed that movement.

Minus points:

HIT 2 is a simple serial killer film and has nothing new to showcase. The suspense was nothing good, quite predictable.

technical aspects:

The manufacturing values are excellent as the city of Vizag is showcased in a new light. The color tone used by the cameraman is very good and depicts the film impressively.

Talking about director Shailesh Kolanu, he has done a great job. Compared to the Elementary, the Hit 2 has more meat and style. He captures the serial killer genre and narrates the film on a cheesy note. The lead up to expose the villain is fine but the interactions between the hero and the villain should have been more intense.


overall HIT 2 is an entertaining crime drama film with decent thrills and a strong second half. Adivi Sesh with his excellent performance carries the film on his shoulders. The film keeps you hooked as the pace picks up and ends up being a satisfying watch. Go for it.